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A Steward's new song: “BE A PRAYER, BE LOVE!”

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A Steward's new song: “BE A PRAYER, BE LOVE!”

Carminia Lourdes A. Gutierrez a.k.a. Chin-Chin Gutierrez, ALAGA L.A.H.A.T. Inc. 27 June 2013 Feast day of Perpetual Help

“Abba, Heavenly Father let my life be a sacrament of Your Holy Eucharist, take away what is not necessary that I may know the Way, long for the Truth and serve the Life in Christ, as an altar of Your love.”

Green is the color of gratitude and grace, heralding the hope in living God’s new covenant with humankind, and that includes the whole of creation! But have we truly lived out – and celebrated - the Easter light of a new dawn with the earth?

Our human rights to life are also other creatures’ rights.

If we learn to see that the earth is a mirror of human life, recognizing that society can be likened to an ecosystem in itself as the desert or rainforest, and whether we are aware of it or not, perceive that our species’ lifestyles create impact on all other ecosystems, we would be saddened and alarmed to know that it is our very own lifestyles that produce all forms of poison and contamination - garbage. An outer garbage that poisons our air, water and soil as well as our thoughts feelings and actions in all levels of marketing, consuming, taking, wasting, dumping - we have become a “throw away society”, so to speak. We have deviated from, fatally destroyed and have continually waged war against sister mother earth and all her creatures. Yes, we, adopted sons and daughters of a loving Creator, are the only species of all creatures in the planet that create garbage, for in the natural world, there is no waste. But this is only the effect, of yet a deeper crisis caused by generational ignorance, fear and greed.

Eradicate ignorance: Let us BE LOVE by seeking and following Christ, The Way!

We can only love whom we know; we can only care for whom we love.

Love is the Mother of our human nature. To live on Earth is to co-exist and co-sustain one another’s living, which implies a natural capacity to bond in response to that vital need for togetherness. Where, like a rainforest that is home to thousands of species, survival and love become a communal affair. Otherwise we couldn’t rightly say we have been truly born yet. However a relationship doesn’t happen between strangers or through the use of gadgets. Ang ugnayan ng kalikasan ay isang malalim at malawak na pagmamalasakit at pagdadamayan na namamagitan sa lahat ng may likas na pagmamahal at pag unawa sa isang pangkalahatang ganapan. We can only begin to know the truth about one another through love – the truth of our nature as human beings – and discover that in every loving being is the capacity to co-create a loving world. Each person and every creature is our other self, our better self and our future self. IT may be right to see this as one of our most important purposes in life – individually and collectively – to know that communion with planet Earth, is all about becoming another “HOME” to one another and that involves loving, respecting and sustaining the lives of all creatures and future generations WHO are ALL related to our HOME.

Eradicate fear: Let us BE FAITH by seeking and following Jesus Christ, The Truth!

But we must try to understand the heartbeat of this relationship with the teachings of Christ. Our “…sister Earth, our Mother, who feeds us in her sovereignty, and produces various fruits with colored flowers and herbs.” (St Francis of Assisi) continues to be a living authentic witness of the Beatitudes, unconditionally sustaining our lives no matter what we do to contaminate, deform and crucify Her because of our fear – which stems from ignorance, failing to identify ourselves with the person of Jesus Christ. The scriptures mention that we who are the first heirs of God’s grace and love are to extend the salvific and healing power of Christ to all creatures, to be in solidarity with, through and for God’s Creation. To infuse the world with the same saving light that has been planted in us through Christ Jesus is certainly not a conditional, utilitarian or fearful relationship with water, air, fire, soil or with one another, but a fraternal one. If water would then be your sister, would you allow her to swallow poison? We do that every time we use laundry soaps and other products full of chemicals coupled with poor sanitation and sewage systems to name a few. We hurt the life force in all creatures and in one another when we contaminate our brother fire energy with our fearful, arrogant and horrible thoughts and feelings. We murder our children still yet in their mothers’ wombs as we continue to pollute the air with toxins and radiations from our houses, vehicles, technological gadgets, factories, dumpsites, and through the very food we eat! We bleed our Mother Earth dry with mineral and oil mining, destroying coral reefs and wanton deforestation. This is perhaps why the church today recognizes that all crimes, injustices and abominations to the environment are considered sins. Let The Truth shine through faith-filled actions that heal and are life affirming rather than those that destroy life.

Eradicate greed: Let us BE HOPE by seeking and following Jesus Christ, The Life!

We are encouraged to assume responsibility to “…become the change we want to see in the world” -Mahatma Gandhi, then through the eyes of our faith we can see that we should strive to become who God intends us to be; and eventually “become the prayer we pray for” -St Francis of Assisi and universal patron of ecology. Each and every one of us is a treasured gift to the Church. This can be witnessed through our need for our unique ethnic or religious identities; but like a rainforest that is home to different species, survival and love should become a communal affair. However the challenge for the faithful with regards to love and survival is that it is not according to how the world defines it but, how should we respond to Love – as the person and life of Jesus Christ. This is love of self versus love of one another as one’s self, to love beyond the limits, to the death, the end of greed, the death of the deathly in us – or “the structures of sin” as Pope John Paul II calls it.

How can we respond in the light of faith? If there is a certainty in life, it is change. And change implies a kind of death – a conversion, a transformation and a conformity to those ideals, hierarchy of values and treasure that we hold very dear in hearts. Actor, Director and Writer for Film, Television and Theater, as well as Lecturer and staunch environmentalist Roy Alvarez is one of those voices in the wilderness in heralding a clarion call from the groaning earth to prepare us towards conversion, transformation and conformity to Christ through loving sister mother earth as ourselves. To quote:


Conversion begins in the heart of God’s love, the peace that only Christ gives. Transformation is a process of cultivating this peace, without forsaking the fruits of the old mindset yet led towards a new orientation. Conformity is a condition wherein we are constantly drawn to a particular value towards which we deliberately align our preferences, choices and commitments and ultimately live and die for. As St Therese of the Child Jesus lived out His love when she said: “I shall spend my heaven doing good on the earth”, discovering, developing and deepening one’s conformity to Christ promises us the new vision of hope, and the peace to live out His love, for a lifetime.

In Christ,

Let us H-eal O-ur M-other E-arth.

Let us BE THE HOME we long for.

Let us BE THE PRAYER we pray for!

Let us BE Faith, BE Hope and BE Love!

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