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Dr. Eling went back Home

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Dr. Eling ViolagoThe Diocese of San Jose, Nueva Ecija mourned the passing of Dr. Eleuterio R. Violago, an exemplary Christian, a great benefactor, church-builder, a statesman and a Papal Knight.

Thousands of people came during the five days of his lying in state and during the Requiem Mass. It was attended by priests from different dioceses, 5 bishops and thousands of his constituents and the faithful of the Diocese- grateful of his great contribution to the Church and to her mission.

Dr. Eleuterio Rueda Violago from his early years manifested his deep devotion to Jesus and to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Help of Christians. A model of virtue, hard work and dedication, Dr. Eling succeeded in every aspect of his life. He raised, together with his equally devoted and deeply religious wife Mrs. Eva Violago six children all successful in their chosen fields – two are now well-loved politicians and the rest respected businessmen and women.

He was a Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus for several terms. He initiated different projects for the benefit of the people especially the poor even before he became a Congressman for the second district of Nueva Ecija. The doors of his office are widely opened to welcome those who will need his assistance. He helped build numerous churches and chapels and constantly prays for vocations to the priesthood.

In 2011, this great man received the Papal Knighthood (Knight Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great) in recognition of his exemplary virtues and his generosity to the Church and to faithful.

He went back to his heavenly home last June 16, 2013 (Father’s Day). Truly he will be missed and the Church would be forever grateful to his legacy and to his great example of leadership, generosity, kindness and faithfulness to the Gospel. We continue to pray for his eternal repose. May he rest in peace.

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