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DIRECTOR: Rev. Fr. Menardo Natividad - present


Upon his installation as the Bishop of San Jose Nueva Ecija in 1987, Bishop Leo M. Drona, SDB, DD, being a member of the Salesian Congregation, made one of his first concerns the needs of the local youth. Of the more than 600,000 people living in the 21 parishes of the diocese, about 78% belong to the youth sector. The need to address the formation of these young people with regards to their spiritual and moral growth is vital. Thus the Bishop initiated the formation of the Commission on Youth that will oversee the needs of the young people of the diocese.

The late Fr. Francis Umalin became the first Diocesan Youth Director and after his term, the mandate to head the commission was given to the Salesians of Don Bosco. And for many years now, the Salesian Fathers have vitalized the youth ministry in the diocese with the assistance of the diocesan clergy.

Efforts have been made to form structures, especially the Diocesan Youth Coordinating Council, and to initiate formational and pastoral activities relating to the youth. It has been the main task of the Commission on Youth to organize empowering activities for the young people.

Presently, every parish in the diocese has an active youth ministry and represented in the Diocesan Youth Coordinating Council. This is due to the dedication and commitment of youth leaders who volunteer themselves in the service of their fellow young people and the support that the Bishop and the clergy so lovingly extend to the young.


Mga Kabataan ng Diyosesis ng San Jose, Nueva Ecija, sama-samang naglalakbay kasama si Kristo.


Paghubog ng mga epektibong kabataang lider-lingkod na nakikibahagi sa pagpapalaganap ng Damayang Kristiyano


The DIOCESAN COMMISSION ON YOUTH, mandated as the main overseer of the causes of the young people of the Diocese of San Jose continues to be true to its mission of making servant-leaders out of the youth and making them true witnesses of Christ. Through this mission, we are one with the diocese’s vision of making a community of people – living together as one family through the DAMAYANG KRISTIYANO.

 And as we journey with the young towards servant-leadership and community building, we are guided with the values symbolized by the four colors of our logo, from which we draw our formational and pastoral programs relevant to the needs of the youth in every parish.


It is our responsibility to know the situation of the youth, to be with them, to live with them, to communicate with them and to understand their needs and aspirations.

We initiate a survey in the parishes called the Social Youth Mapping. This survey aims to understand the needs of the youth in their local setting and how the DCY would answer these needs. We have an immersion program for the youth, the objective of which is to promote social awareness in the young.

The DCY conducts friendly visits to the parishes. These visitations act as venues for the local youth ministry to voice out their needs and concerns regarding their ministry.

youth - love

True love only exists when you know how to share yourself with others. The true essence of love is in the community. This idea we teach the young through our formational programs designed to make them appreciate the love God has for them and share it with others in the community.

The DCY organizes the Youth Encounter formation, which is designed to make the youth aware of their mission and importance in the Church and society. The DCY has a monthly School of Prayer where we teach the young different forms of prayer that they can adapt in their own parishes and youth ministries. We also organize the Diocesan Youth Days for the youth to celebrate their faith and youthfulness and be able to share their talent and friendship with other young people from different parishes.

youth - leadership

To lead the young towards Christ entails commitment. We train the young especially the leaders to be generous in sharing their time and talent to their fellow young people and make them committed to do this.

The DCY has monthly formations for the parish leaders that they in turn re-echo to their respective members. These formations vary from leadership to environmental and social awareness. The DCY also sends youth delegates to national and international youth events for training and exposure.


youth - generosity

To build a community of Servant-leaders and true witnesses of the Gospel is the primary goal of the DCY. This is the reason why we empower the young and train them to become effective leaders with a generous heart for other young people to emulate.

Facilitating retreats and recollection, catechism and environmental awareness programs are some of the activities the DCY organize for the young in order for them to develop their generosity in answering the challenges of servant-leadership.

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