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Committed Catechist for Christ (CCC)


C – center one’s life to His Word

H – humble and loving service

R – renewed programs/ongoing formation

I – informed and mature faith

S – simple and selfless life

T – teach, touch and transform people for the glory of God


Director: Rev. Fr. Pedro Albino, Jr. - present


The Commission on Catechesis, formerly known as the Diocesan Catechetical Ministry was born to respond to the call of Msgr. Leo M. Drona, SDB, D.D to help in the evangelization of the diocese greatly in need of workers for the gospel. Sr. Girlie Narvaez, FdCC, the first Diocesan Catechetical Coordinator, through the Office of the Diocesan Catechetical Center, presently known as the Diocesan Pastoral Formation Center, started to organize, train and form new catechists to take up catechetical tasks in their respective parishes. Aside from handling the Diocesan Catechetical Ministry she also managed the Diocesan Catechetical Center. Sr. Girlie has served the Ministry from May 1989-1993. When Sr. Girlie was transferred; her ministry was continued by Sr. Fe Javier, FdCC who served the diocese from May 1993-1995.

In the year 1995-2001, Sr. Fe Javier was replaced by Sr. Michaela Gotangco, FdCC. For the past six years, the developmental renovation of the Diocesan Pastoral Formation Center was undertaken to make it more conducive for formation, recollections and meetings. Integrated Farming Project supported the center’s expenses and the funding of the catechists’ formation and activities. The Office for Catechetical Ministries attempted all possibilities to concretize the catechetical response in line with the vision/mission of the Diocese, Damayang Kristiyano, i.e. community-based catechesis. When the term of Sr. Michaela was finished she was replaced by Sr. Rowena Garcia, for one year.

In 2002-2006, Sr. Teresita Barrento took over the responsibility as coordinator. In 2005, Most Reverend Mylo Hubert C. Vergara, D.D, the new Bishop, appointed Reverend Fr. Michael Grospe, as the Diocesan Catechetical Director. They continued to implement the initial and ongoing formation program for volunteer catechists and the assistancy in the implementation of Damayang Kristiyano in the diocese.

In the year 2006-2007, Sr. Benita Esguerra came to the picture. Together with Fr. Michael, they started to organize a Vicarial Formation Team which is composed of the three Vicarial Coordinators. It was during this time that the Four Year Basic Formation Program was conceptualized and started its first year of implementation. It was also this time that the administration and management of the Diocesan Pastoral Formation Center was entrusted to the Diocese.

A year after, Sr. Benita was replaced by Sr. Virginia Sarcaoga, FdCC. Fr. Michael and Sr. Virginia continued to intensify the formation program of the catechists at all levels, form and strengthen the Vicarial Formation Team and establish a Diocesan Catechetical Coordinating Body to help in the implementation and monitoring of catechetical program.

ADMINISTRATION (Organizational Structure)


catechist Organizational Structure


A. Desired Goals

1. Provision of basic knowledge of our Christian Faith and leadership skills that enables the catechetical ministers and volunteer catechists to become effective and committed evangelizers in the public schools, parishes and communities.

2. Standardization of training of catechists

3. Formation of the Diocesan Catechist Coordinating Body on capacity and capability building

4. Formation and training of Vicarial Formation Team (Lay empowerment)

5. Formation of the catechists and parish lay workers to actively participate in building Damayang Kristiyano in the Diocese.

6. Provision of experience of intense moments and deep encounter with God, oneself and with others through spiritual formation

7. Coordination with the Episcopal Commission on Catechesis and Catholic Education, Association of Catechetical Centers and Colleges with Religious Education and Region III Catechetical Ministry.

Commission on Catechetics3.jpgCommission on Catechetics.jpgCommission on Catechetics2.jpg

B. Programs and Activities

1. Initial Formation Program is 3-day formation for new catechists on self-awareness, prayer and spirituality, the mission of catechists and methodology of catechesis.

2. Basic Formation Program is a Four Year course offered to all catechists in the Diocese that will lead them to become professional catechists in terms of training. The course equips them with basic knowledge of our Christian Faith that enables them to carry out the ministry of evangelization and catechesis at all levels: children, youths and adults. It consists of twelve subjects offered in a trimester basis: Prayer and Spirituality, Sacraments, Creed, Church History, Sacred Scriptures, Liturgy, Mariology, Social Doctrines, Commandments, Christology, Catechesis, Gospels.

3. Monthly Formation of the Diocesan Catechist Coordinating Body is a program that develops the capacity and capability of our parish catechists’ coordinators that will help them to become effective and committed evangelizers and leaders in their communities.

4. Catechists Formation Team Program – Servant leaders are tapped and formed to encourage active collaboration and shared responsibility in the implementation of the program especially in the area of formation.

5. Religious Instruction or Catechism to Public Schools – breaking the Word of God to the children in the public schools. Parish, chapel and community based catechesis both children and adults.

6. Spiritual Formation is a program that provides our volunteer catechists and parish lay workers with an experience of intense moments and deep encounter with God, with oneself and with others.

7. Diocesan Wide Gathering is an annual gathering of all the catechists in the Diocese to build a community that works towards a common vision-mission, mutual support and greater collaboration. It is done every September and December.

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