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St. Andrew Parish - Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija
St. Andrew Parish

Mananmpalatayang naglalayag sa pagdadamayan, paglilingkod at pag-aalay ng pagmamahal sa Diyos, sa Tao at sa kalikasan sa agos ng buhay.


Pagtatalaga ng sarili sa:

  • Pagtatatag ng Damayang Kristiyano
  • Paglulunsad ng angkop na programang pangkabuhayan
  • Pangagalaga ng kalikasan
  • Pagtataguyod ng Kapayapaan at Katarungan.

According to local history, the first Spanish Agustinian missionary to set foot in Pantabangan was Fr. Antolin de Alincastre in 1650. He reached Pantabangan traversing the Pampanga river until reaching the place of Pialwan wherein a group of aetas were living.

The first church structure was built between 1812-1825 led by Fr. Patricio Gravaca. The early catholics led by Feliciano Kapia took the initiative to have St. Andrew, the Apostle as their patron. According to tradition, the patron was selected by the elders of the community in an unusual way through ‘arnis de mano’. It was a fight between two brothers, Agustin and Andres. And as agreed upon, the winner’s name would become the patron’s name of the place. The first family caretaker of the image of St. Andrew was Jose R. Villajuan and was then transferred to the care of his sons and grandsons up to the present time.

In early 1935, the Missionary of the Sacred Heart arrived in the place. There was no permanent priest assigned in the parish and Masses were celebrated by visiting priests coming from neighbouring town of Carranglan. It was only after WWII that priests were assigned in a permanent status. Fr. Jose Croonen was the first MSC missionary to be assigned.

A new church was built when the old Pantabangan was submerged with the construction of the Pantabangan Water Reservoir (Pantabangan Dam). The National Irrigation Administration managed and financed the construction of the new church building being the incharge agency/group which built the dam. His Excellency, Bishop Bruno Torpigliani, Papal Nuncio blessed the church in April 25, 1975. He was assisted by bishops Vicente Reyes and Ciciro Tombocon. Renovations and repairs were done in the 30 years of the church existence. Parish fiesta is celebrated every Nov 30 and one of the distinctive features of the festivity is the Fluvial Parade done in the eve of Nov. 30. This tradition was initiated by Fr. Ruben Ortiz. Parishioners and fishermen join the fluvial. This is celebrated to remember the old town/church submerged in the 220 meters level of water and as a way of honoring the patron saint who was a Fisherman. In the year 2006, Fr. Ernie P. Pesimo started to celebrate the Fluvial Mass inside the barge as the first activity of the Fluvial before it traverses the 7,082.851 hectares of Pantabangan Dam. The Parish is indeed very grateful to the diocese for including the Symbol of Pantabangan dam in its insignia.


Pantabangan is in the northeasternmost area of Nueva Ecija lying at the foot of Sierra Madre. it has an area of 38,906.4610. It is bounded in the north by the town of Carranglan; northeast by the town of Castaneda, N.Vizcaya; east by Canili. Maria Aurora; south by Rizal; southeast by Bongabon; and west by San Jose City.


Past Parish Priests of Saint Andrew Parish (recorded names; 1952 – present)

04/1952 – 04/1955 - Rev. Fr. Henry Van Rooyen M.S.C.

04/1955 – 02/1962 - Rev. Fr. Leo Van Kalmthout M.S.C.

03/1962 – 12/1962 - Rev. Fr. James Rijk M.S.C.

12/1965 – 01/1971 - Rev. Fr. Manuel Hilario M.S.C.

01/1971 – 02/1972 - Rev. Fr. Jose Croonen M.S.C.

02/1972 – 09/1976 - Rev. Fr. Cornelio Vander Aar M.S.C.

10/1976 - 02/1977 - Rev. Fr. James Rijk M.S.C.

02/1977 – 05/1979 - Rev. Fr. Cornelio Vander Aar M.S.C.

06/1979 – 05/1984 - Rev. Fr. Jose Vito P. Mission M.S.C.

05/1984 – 04/1986 - Rev. Fr. Edwin Q. Guinita M.S.C.

05/1986 – 11/1987 - Rev. Fr. Michael A. Paradela M.S.C.

11/1987 – 07/1991 - Rev. Fr. Jaime J. Duero M.S.C.

07/1991 – 04/1994 - Rev. Fr. Renato Santos Jr.

04/1994 – 05/1998 - Rev. Fr. Ruben D. Ortiz

05/1998 – 05/2000 - Rev. Fr. Francisco G. Umalin

05/2000 – 05/2006 - Rev. Fr. Jun E. Flores

05/12/2006 – 05/2013 - Rev. Fr. Ernie P. Pesimo

05/2013 - present - Rev. Fr. Josix R. Tolentino



Sa loob ng isang taon ,18 DK selda pa ang bubuuin sa 6 na barangay,at ang lahat ng naunang DK ay isustina.


A. Organized DK

  • May set of officers sa bawat selda (Facilitator, Secretary)
  • Regular Meeting
  • Spiritual Formation (PREX, Recollection, BBS and Retreat, etc.)

B. Sustained Existing DK

  • Set of officers
  • Regular Meeting
  • Spiritual formation
  • May livelihood project/barangay
  • May ecology project/barangay
  • Campaign, advocacy (justice and peace)

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