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Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish - Talugtug, Nueva Ecija
Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish

Huwarang Sambayanang Kristiyano na nagkakaisa, nagmamahalan, nagdadamayan at nagmamalasakit sa kalikasan na pinagkakaisa ng Banal na Espiritu sa tulong ng Ina ng Laging Saklolo.


Isabuhay ang salita ng Diyos: Ang pangarap namin ay matutupad sa pamamagitan ng mga sumusunod:

  • Makisangkot sa lahat ng programa ng Simbahan
  • Makiisa sa pagmamalasakit sa Kalikasan
  • Paunlarin ang kabuhayan ng mga Mananampalataya
  • Magkaroon ng programa sa paghuhubog bilang mananampalataya

In 1943, when the Estillore arrived in the community, with no Catholics then and all the people were Aglipayans. So, being exposed to the Catholic faith, they thought of initiating a house to house apostolate especially to those who were baptized Catholics in their own town but were converted to Aglipayan by circumstances.

When there were some families who express their willingness to return to Catholic faith, it was then that they (Estillore) contacted the parish priest of Guimba to come and baptized them. It was Fr. Henry Zegwaard, an MSC priest who helped in this mission. By using their friendliest persuasion, they never stopped visiting old friend and new acquaintances until they were fully enlightened on the word of God. They go through muddy roads, hiking and riding through undetermined pathways just to be able spread the word.

When there were already many parishioners, they agreed to put up their first chapel. It was erected on a lot owned by Alejandro Moises. All the materials were contributed by parishioners and it was constructed in 1949 bayanihan style and was used up to 1952 until it was transferred to its present site with much bigger space and still made of light materials.

The chapel went through a lot of renovation and construction, with the help of missionaries/priest and other kind hearted people from the town who help build the chapel. They named the church in honor of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. As years went by, organizations were put up to help the church – the Holy Name Society for male adults and the Catholic Women’s League for the female church goers, these were organized by Fr. William G. Mahoney, an American Redemptorist priest and was then the parish priest of Talugtog. And these were followed by a many organizations, along with another constructions and renovation which make the church what it is today.



Rev. Fr. William G. Mahoney

Rev. Fr. Rufo M. Prado

Rev. Fr. William G. Mahoney

Rev. Fr. John D. Hurley

Rev. Fr. William G. Mahoney

Rev. Fr. Martin Westeindey

Rev. Fr. Cornelius Swinkles

Rev. Fr. John A. Boore

Rev. Fr. Cornelius Swinkles

Rev. Fr. Maximo C. Gomez

Rev. Fr. Remigio Malgapo

Rev. Fr. Julio C. Obial

Rev. Fr. Miguel B. Adriosula

Rev. Fr. Dionisio P. Esluzar

Rev. Fr. Rolando R. Mabutol

MSC Administration

Rev. Fr. Henry de Hey

Rev. Fr. Ramil H. Cruz

Rev. Fr. Francisco G. Umalin

Rev. Fr. Arleen P. Ragasa

Rev. Msgr. Luvimindo V. Sayson

Rev. Fr. Bonifacio P. Flores

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